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  • Moderately neutral variety with stable production. It does not present a marked production peak.  

  • Potential for cultivation both in soil and in semi Hydroponics or substrate.

  • Market: Excellent aptitude for the fresh market since it is the variety that accumulates a greater amount of sugar in the fruit, also highly demanded for the agribusiness (frozen).

  • Plant: Of intermediate size, slow initial growth in areas with low temperatures in spring.

  • Management: Greater nitrogen requirement in the initial stage of the crop.

  • External red fruit, with lighter shoulders in periods of low temperature. Pulp of moderate color with a great accumulation of sugar (10-14°Brix).

  • Firm fruit with a very uniform size and excellent post -harvest life.  

  • Diseases and pests: greater tolerance to rain (less pressure from botrytis). It presents a degree of sensitivity to mites.




  • Planting density: 65,000 plants/Ha (25 cm between plants).

  • Yield potential: 75 Ton/Ha (agricultural season, period 9 months).

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