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Agrícola Llahuén, with more than 50  years of experience as a strawberry nurseryman in Chile, has the license of varieties from the University of California, which are propagated under a strict production protocol that ensures the varietal genuineness and sanitary quality of its plants, which has allowed it to position itself as the main national producers with a presence in more than 12 countries and the most important world markets.




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F1 hybrid asparagus seeds, developed under the University of California Riverside program. Our nursery located in the VIII region of Chile, presents excellent conditions for the production of seeds as well as unbeatable insulation, guaranteeing its varietal purity.


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Mandarinas Tango is the latest innovation in variety development from the University of California Riverside. Tango presents excellent agronomic conditions, a delicious flavor with great color, without the presence of seeds (nuggets). learn more about the benefits of this variety.




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