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  • Strongly neutral variety, with the highest yield potential of the day-neutral varieties.

  • Market: Suitability preferably for agro-industry, also for early production on the fresh market.

  • Plant: Smaller, with abundant initial flowering and a short vegetative period, so it should be planted early in spring to achieve high yields.

  • Fruit: Light red external color and lighter pulp (fruits with greater brightness).

  • Firm fruit, with good post-harvest life.

  • Diseases: Sensitive to Phytophthora, care must be taken with excessive irrigation and poorly drained soils.

  • New variety, being introduced in Chile.

  • Planting density: 64,000 plants/Ha (26 cm between plants)

  • Yield potential: 1,800 gr/plant (115 Ton/Ha)

  • Note: Yield achieved by the variety under optimal edaphoclimatic and agronomic management conditions for the crop.

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